Service Contracts

Protect your investment. Everyone wants their car performing at its best. That’s why Digital AutoFi offers incredible Mechanical Breakdown Coverage to keep your car running smoothly.

Service contract protection

Everyone wants their car to perform at its best. That’s why Digital AutoFi offers incredible mechanical breakdown coverage plans:

Engine repairs
Transmission repairs
Turbo/Supercharger coverage
Steering coverage
& much more...
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Flexible coverage solutions for exotic/luxury vehicles

Ultimate XO Coverage

Our most comprehensive coverage plan! If a component isn’t on a short list of exclusions - it’s covered!

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XO-2 Comprehensive Coverage

Includes all components listed in XO-1, PLUS enhanced electrical, air conditioning, brakes and cooling. XO-2 also adds coverage for fuel delivery, electronics and suspension components.

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XO-1 Basic Coverage

Coverage for costly repair items including components within the engine, transmission, hybrid/electric systems, turbo/supercharger, transfer unit, drive axles, steering, electrical, brakes, air conditioning, and cooling system, plus seals and gaskets.

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More ways to protect your investment with Road Hazard Insurance

Tires and wheels, key replacement, small interior repairs, as well as roadside assistance

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