Exotic Car Financing

Italian circuit racing isn’t for everyone, however, we can dare to dream. Rumble, rumble, rumble is music to the ears. When you hear it before you see it, it’s all the more satisfying when the two are in alignment.

Helping you finance your dream exotic car

Feel the roar of the rumble, the alluring rev of the engine. Experience the cool rush of the wind. Your Great American cross country road trip won’t be the same without an eight-cylinder car with an exotic name. Financing for an exotic car shouldn't be a foreign concept.

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Preserve Investment Opportunities

Some exotic cars have the potential to appreciate in value over time, especially limited editions or models with historical significance. Financing allows you to invest in a potentially appreciating asset while preserving liquidity for other investments.

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Exotic cars are often high-priced and out of reach for many people to purchase outright. Financing allows enthusiasts to fulfill their dream of owning an exotic car without having to wait years to save up for it.

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Establishing a Relationship

Successfully managing and paying off an exotic car loan can improve your creditworthiness and build a positive relationship with lenders, potentially opening doors to better financial opportunities in the future.

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Because walking is overrated. Why settle for mundane transportation when you can cruise in an exotic car and make all your neighbors green with envy? Financing an exotic car ensures you don't have to rely on those boring, everyday means of getting around.

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What our customers are saying

"Digital Auto Finance is the newest Dream Car financing in the industry"

I wanted to first say that Digital Auto Finance is the newest Dream Car financing in the industry. This team treats you like royalty and makes dreams come true. If you have always wanted your dream car, boat, or plane, they can make it happen. If other companies have turned you down, don't let them deflate your dreams, give these guys a call. In fact, let them be your first call.

Joseph L.
Phoenix, AZ
Financed Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4

"Thank you, Nolan, for helping me get my dream car"

Thank you, Nolan, for helping me get my dream car. Nolan, took me step by step and made sure I understood everything. I must have called him 100 times, and each time he would pick up, and not once did he sound annoyed at any of my many questions. Overall great experience would recommend to anyone.

Brayan V.
Piscataway, NJ
Financed Toyota Supra

“Made my dream come true”

Purchasing a vehicle from out of State is complicated enough because you don’t see the person you’re dealing with. But despite this Covid 19 and a personal family crisis, Digital Auto Finance was user-friendly, responsive, and performed very well. The vehicle also arrived ahead of schedule and is in great shape. If the future of business is virtual, it still has to have a soul. That is when good and real people on the other end of a phone or email is important; it makes the experience less complicated and scary. I reflect on everything and realized that I was always in good hands with this company.

Philip Y.
Bolling Air Force Base, DC
Financed Range Rover Sport SVR

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