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"I wish I could give more than 5 stars!!!!!

Tamatha was fantastic to work with. Always responsive, professional, and I always felt like she actually cared about my purchase, it was not just another number to her. Very comforting to know there are still people that actually CARE about their clients the way Tamatha does. I wish I could give more then 5 stars!!!!!

Jim C.
Decatur, AL
Financed Ferrari 328

"Will do business again!"

Can’t say enough about Tamatha and her team. I’ve bought 39 cars in the last 20 years and my only regret is that I didn’t have her to work with until the 39th. Great communication, service and rates! Will do business again!

Andrew R.
North Scituate, RI
Financed Mercedes-Benz SL

“Made my dream come true”

Tamatha, was super courteous and professional to work from beginning to end. I love my 911! She made my dream come true!

Lou P.
Long Island, NY
Financed Porsche 911

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Frequently asked questions

Is Digital AutoFi my actual lender?

Digital AutoFi is a service provider that works on behalf of our customers to get them favorable loan offers. We partner with a variety of financial institutions allowing us to offer our clients tailored finance and lease proposals. We are experts in underwriting for specialty car financing, and we love what we do.

What credit score is required for approval?

Auto loan approvals vary based on many factors, including credit score, home ownership status, credit history, etc. While every case is different, and no precise score guarantees approval, we recommend that applicants have at least a 650+ score.

Does Digital AutoFi issue automatic approvals?

Digital AutoFi believes in having a real human look over your application and having a conversation with you before submitting to our financial partners. Many auto loan denials are due to incorrectly filling out online applications. We work to avoid this by helping to ensure applications are accurate and clients understand the requirements and process.

How long will it take to get an approved?

Decision times vary, but we will typically let you know if you qualify within an hour.


Is Digital AutoFi my actual lender?
What credit score is required for approval?
What if I need help on my site down the road?
How long will it take to get an approved?

Getting the Wheels turning

What types of cars can be financed?
What is the minimum and maximum loan amount?
What are the terms available?
How much down payment is required?
Is financing offered for both purchases and refinancing?
Is financing available for private party sales?
How long are approvals good for?
Do we offer stated income loans?


What credit scores are accepted?
Are loans offered in all 50 states?
What documents are required?
What type of insurance is needed to secure my loan?


How do I apply?
How long will it take to get a credit decision?
Is there an application fee?

Paperwork Processing

Can I finance my sales tax, title, and registration fees?
Are there fees associated with the loan?
Are there any costs if I cancel the loan before funding?
What documents do I need to provide before funding?

Payment information

Are there prepayment penalties?

Registration Process

How long does the registration process take?
What documents will be needed to finalize the registration?
Who handles the registration for the purchase?
Can I register my car in a Montana LLC?

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