Collector Car Financing

Some cars age like fine wine. When it’s time to indulge, it’s time. Now is the season to invest in that collector car the same way you've invested your entire life. Now that your palette has reached a different level of maturity let's match it.

Helping you finance your dream collector car

Conveying your status can be done without saying a single word. When the valet drives up and all eyes are on you, you want a car that reflects the prestige, elegance, and reputation you've already established among your peers and colleagues. Let collector car ownership speak for you. It all starts with financing.

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Collectible cars can be valuable assets, but tying up a significant portion of your funds in a single asset can be risky. Financing allows you to diversify your investment portfolio while still acquiring the collectible car you desire.

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Limited-Time Opportunities:

Collectible cars, especially rare or sought-after models, might come onto the market unexpectedly. Financing can help you seize such opportunities even if you don't have the full amount available upfront.

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Leverage in an Appreciating Market:

If you believe the value of the collectible car will appreciate significantly over time, financing could enable you to acquire the asset at today's price while benefiting from its future appreciation.

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Wheels of Fortune. While your neighbors invest in stocks, you're investing in something much cooler: a collectible car. Watch as their jaws drop, and your garage becomes the hottest address in town.

What our customers are saying

"I wish I could give more than 5 stars!!!!!

Well Done. Thank you Tamatha. Awesome!

Michael C.
New York, NY
Financed Porsche 911

"Will do business again!"

Expert high-touch experience from start to finish! Tamatha is gracious, deeply knowledgeable, and very responsive. She found me financing options I didn’t know existed! And with thoughtful consideration to my long-term goals. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Florence S.
North Scituate, RI
Financed Porsche 911

"This was the easiest car we ever purchased"

This was the easiest car we ever purchased. It was a smooth transaction due to the knowledge and expertise of Tamatha Carbone and her team at Digital Auto. She was easy to talk to and answered all of our questions in a manner we were able to understand. She kept us apprised every step of the way. We will definitely be using her services again and will recommend her to our family and friends

Jennifer D.
Parkland, FL
Financed BMW M4

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